Can you help me find my personal white whales?

This is a list of things I have been desperately trying to find again. If I ever have any updates/new information, I'll share it here.

If you have any leads or questions, please send me an email.

Baby Pug Just Wants to Keep on Rolling

This was a Youtube video with the above title. It was an animated video of a baby pug rolling down a grassy green hill while Bon Jovi's It's My Life played in the background. I would say I found this video probably somewhere in the early 2010s range. I believe that the Youtube channel was called wolfpupy. The wolfpupy channel on Youtube doesn't have this video now. The Wayback Machine was no help here either. But some random person on Reddit is also looking for this video so I hope we both find it.

I remember it being available on one of those random Youtube reupload sites, but I can't remember which and can't find it anymore. I did, however, find this, a link to the currently private video on a site for archiving unlisted videos. So we know it's real and I remembered the right channel! Do you have a copy of this video saved or know someone who does? I would love to see it again.

The Fart Song

Sometime around 2000 (if I had to guess) my brother downloaded a song just called "The Fart Song" if I'm remembering correctly. It was downloaded from either Napster or Limewire. I don't remember if there was an artist listed. I have been looking for this song for years, and listened to probably dozens of fart songs at this point but never found the right one. At some point I will try to make some kind of recording to show the tune that I remember. Please, if you have any kind of fart song, just go ahead and send it to me. I will listen to it. Maybe it'll be the one.

A Bizarre Funhouse in Virginia Beach

My family went to Virginia Beach on vacation sometime in the early 2000s, probably around 2000-2002? There was a scare attraction with live actors that would pop out, and I wanted to go there. My mom thought it would be too scary for me so we went to a funhouse instead.

As you enter the funhouse there's a desk to purchase admission and stairs leading up behind the admissions counter. As we entered, a man raced up the stairs and we soon found out that he seemed to be entering some kind of sound booth or at least a room with a mic hooked up to speakers all around the funhouse. As you walk through this funhouse, there is a voice projected of the guy watching you and making fun of you the entire time. It was very bizarre and kind of creepy. I recall one room in particular was just a wall with butts and cans of beans on it and fart noises played. When you exit the funhouse, I think you walked straight out into an alley or onto the street? I also have a memory of a sun mural on the wall outside I think. I have tried so hard to find this place, but can't find even a single mention of a place like this.

I believe the hotel we stayed at was the Marriott Courtyard Oceanfront South, and in looking at Google Maps images from 2007, there was a haunted funhouse across the street which looks maybe? like the one I originally wanted to go to. The one we actually went to, I think, was down the street, but I don't remember in which direction. It's also possible that the hotel was the Fairfield Inn. Next time I see my parents (if I remember) I'll try to find out the exact year and hotel. I will also try to see what other details they remember.

The closest I've gotten was finding a place called Rockin' Rosie's Fun House, which did have a Sunsations next to it with a sun mural out back, but I didn't see any weird back exit from the fun house itself, so I'm not sure that it's the same place. However, I couldn't find much information on this place, so it's hard to rule it in or out completely.

If you think you know anything please contact me. This is the one I'm probably the most desperate about because I truly fear that my family entered the Twilight Zone that day.

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