April 24, 2023

I couldn't get tickets for the Jonas Brothers secret show ;~; Actually, with this Ticketmaster verified fan thing, none of the fans I know got selected to get tickets. It's a random lottery, so it seems like scalpers can just makes countless accounts and flood the entries. Every concert I've seen with the verified fan stuff ends up with the majority of the tickets in resale. I'm not paying $500 for a resale GA ticket lol and they claim it's supposed to help fans. As a consolation, if I'm feeling well enough I'm going to try to go to a theme park instead. Haven't decided which yet.

I can't get warm for some reason today. It's not cold, it's a perfectly nice temperature. I'm dressed warmly, under blankets, turned the heat on, but I just can't warm up. I always seem to struggle with managing my temperature. I always have to wear layers, bring a cooling towel, fan, handwarmer, etc. etc. It's a pain v.v

The Moogle Tomestone event starts today, so I'm planning to do frontline to get my tomestones and grind out my pvp series exp. since I've been slacking on it. I honestly haven't really been playing much at all, but I love collecting... so I have to get the series reward mount. Last series I was playing the last CC match I needed to get the series reward mount when the game went down for maintenance ;~; It was so upsetting. Trying to plan ahead better this time.

I've also been moving super slow on the spring cleaning. We made some good progress on cleaning the garage over the weekend, but it's not done yet. Washing the windows is still sitting undone on the to do list because I hate doing it... I don't want to do it T_T It's too chilly to do it today anyway. Or that's at least the excuse I'll make. I actually enjoy cleaning when I'm in the mood for it, and not having a clean environment does bad things for my mental health. I'm just mostly incapable of getting myself to do something unless the mood strikes. So then when the mood strikes, I have to get everything done, then I overdo it and I'm stuck in bed for a couple days. Then the list has piled up, rinse, repeat. I guess that's just the way it is.

April 14, 2023

I GOT MY TICKETS!!!!! \(≧▽≦)/
I haven't been able to see them since the Happiness Begins tour, I'm so happy ;~; They're supposed to be playing all their albums it's gonna be so much fun! I love the Jonas Brothers so much. It's nice to look back on all the good memories when I first became a fan (2007! Feels like so long ago and yet not long at all), it was an interesting time in my life for so many reasons. It's a common belief amongst fans that you can tell a lot about a person by their favorite Jonas Brother. Mine is now, has always been, will always be Joe ♥

I started playing Bustafellows. I bought it back when it came out and just haven't felt like playing. Tbh, none of the LIs appealed to me much based on design alone and I think that was a factor. Before playing, I figured I'd probably go with Helvetica because I (shamefully... no, I won't be ashamed!!) tend to like the playboy type even if his design isn't too appealing to me. So I'm still on the common route, but going for Limbo because everyone says he's the best to start with.

After playing a bit, I'm most interested in Mozu and Shu so I'm looking forward to getting to their routes. I am (god, even more shamefully) still kinda interested in Helvetica even after meeting him. I know so many people hate him because of... the way that he is... but I don't hate it... It's fiction, leave me alone ;~; Actually, you know what? I don't know why I'd be ashamed considering I am a Laito Sakamaki ita bag owner. That is perhaps what I should be more ashamed of, and yet... I am not.

Oh! The FFXVI State of Play yesterday! I'm so excited!! I can't wait to play it. There are just so many good games, wish I had more time to play them all.

AND! My custom Alistair funko arrived. I gotta share a picture of him at some point but I'm too tired right now. I love him so much *____*